About Us

HelixWeb Corporation Limited has passed the way from start-up to the International Corporation. Now the best industry professionals that truly understand the business & market, the risks and its critical drivers lead other start-ups to success
Facts and Figures about HelixWeb Corporation at a glance

10 years experience

having worked together within the IT industry for over 10 years, back in 2015 HelixWeb Corporation was formed by team of professionals

350 professionals

with deep experience work in different professional spheres for your success

250 leading providers

from differnt areas are gathered together to bring you to top efficience

7 key lines of action

we focus effors to main directions: Strategy, Creation, Production, Maintenance, Analytics & M&A, Financial Support

10 locations

worldwide we have launched our products in. And we are ready to conquer new ones

120 projects

have been successfully implemented from discover to launch phase
Worldwide presence
HelixWeb continues to expand. Currently, our projects are successfuly launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Estonia.
Business networking
Deep understanding of significance B2B ties comes from the lengthy experience of HelixWeb team. Benefit more with our Networking.
Events Participation
Research & organization of participation in dedicated events
Events Participation
Organization of activities in order to attract new partners
Investors Attraction
Customer's promotion campaigns for investors attraction
Public Relations
Cooperation with Media & Advertising Agencies
Investment Objects Research
Development of projects for the search for investment objects
Presentation and promotion
Promotional Events Coordination