How Long Does it Take from a Discover to Go-to-Market Phase?
One of the questions for us is about the timescales, as this is definitely one of the most important parts for making decision before the business development will be entrusted to one's hand. All the customers` requirements and input data are unique. In general, successful implementation of a new go-to-market strategy can take 12 to 36 months. Contact us, describe your requirements and our expert will assist you. After the discussion, you will get a detailed analysis of your target markets, customer segments & budget requirements together with detailed plan of implementation strategy with marked milestones, where the key service solutions are applied.
What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?
The best perfomance indicator of our management is your company's success. Experience of our top-class professionals allows to make right assesment of your basic data and final result. In very short terms you will be able to pass all the stages from start-up idea to smooth-running company, which conducts business worldwide.Be creative and enjoy the process. The rest is up to us.
How Will You Learn My Business?
IT start-ups development is the specialty of HelixWeb –°orporation Limited. Every day we accept a challenge and deal with brand new ideas & software products. We are not going to say that learning of any new business for its further development is an easy task. But, we can say for sure, that the main tool for it is a versatile experience of our experts. We pause a different questions to you, but the main four are: What are you going to sell? Who are you going to sell it to? How will you reach your target market? Where will you promote your product? Our deep knowledge of IT projects' promotion & development guarantees your success.
My business scheme includes cooperation with customers and suppliers worldwide. Do I need to sign several service agreements with HelixWeb Corporation Limited?
The main advantage of collaboration with HelixWeb Corporation is that it's not necessary to search for additional providers - we do it for you. Regardless the character of IT sphere and the country your customers are located in, all you need is to contact us and describe what you need. You may sign one Service Contract with HelixWeb Corporation, but sometimes our valued customers prefer to conclude direct additional agreements with our providers, too. In this case our experts, who work worldwide, provide support upon technical, financial and legal issues for locations with different requirements.
I will cooperate with customers and suppliers worldwide. Do I need to have several accounts for different currencies?
It will be enough to have one corporate account for successful start of your business. Still, if your business is on the upswing, and functions in several countries, more than 1 account may be required. Taking all the aspects in consideration, our experts will audit the activity of the business, and based on the results, they will provide recommendations on bank account opening with furter instructions.
Do I Have To Do All Formalities Myself?
Our lawyers and financial experts execute most of the financial settlement operations, necessary for succussful activity of your project, based on the requirements, character and the location of the implemented business. In some cases, the collaboration with customer's representatives may be prohibited, as we follow the requirements of AML, local & international laws, inner compliance requirements of financial institutions. As a result, you will be required to participate personally in some settlement procedures with guarranted support of our legal & financial experts.
How will you manage my business? Do you provide confidentiality guarantees?
Regardless of whether you are attracting the HelixWeb Mangement Company to solve one critical specific case or deal with us in a general administration, you can be sure that all the commercial information we will exchange is securely protected. Multilevel control systems and encryption of communication channels. You can contact us if you have a critical situation or any specific case and our highly specialized experts will lead you to the right decision using our experience and benefits of worldwide networking. If necessary, they recommend you to draw your attention to other aspects of your activity that may be important and offer additional solutions. This option - an analogue of stress management. We help you to find the problem, suggest several solutions, and after discussion with you will choose the best option. Your company togetherand in a team with the best specialists to implement the solution. But more effective is the permanent general administration - from accountancy to secretarial activities. In this case, we will need constant monitoring of your company within the limits that you choose. Confidentiality and constant monitoring of our team activiry, as well as all communication channels are guaranteed worldwide by the unique Secure Policy of HelixWeb Corporation.
Who Will Manage My Bank Account?
Bank account opening as well as any other financial or operational activity is made exceptionally under your control, with your ultimate access to banking account(s). Professionals of HelixWeb Corporation assist you with initial settlement procedures, consult on tax legislation & financial matters, provide due diligence, build financial policy and support M&A procedures if required.
Will We Need a Management Support After a Business Launch?<
Great start-ups rarely fail because of poor strategy, but rather lack of proper execution. Appoint specialists of HelixWeb for routine and do not get caught up in the presentations, phone calls, meetings, legal and financial issues, and emails which distract you from the heart of the business.