There is no need to attract several outsource companies, if you rely on us. Longstanding contacts and wide partners network allows us to provide the best service, also take complete control over quality and deadlines. All you need is to contact us.
Here is a precise overview of business process at HelixWeb Corporation
Our main services aimed to take your business to the top step by step. Take a look at complete list of our managemnet tools, and have no doubt that your business is going to be in secure hands.
Legal support
Pre-marketing stage. We understand the business, the market, the risks and its critical drivers. By posing the right questions & analyzing we give recommendations for sustainable direction, develop a value proposition and a model for delivering towards Customer's needs.
HelixWeb gives an opportunity to benefit from unparalleled insights at the intersection of business and technology when conducting commercial, operational, technology and legal due diligence. Market research, collaboration with state, legal and banking institutions - all you need for success start of your business.
Branding & Business Development
In a world where everything increasingly looks the same, brands are one of the few opportunities in making a difference. We understand how to create business value through brand development. No matter is your brand new or evolving, our Team will elevate it to the worldwide level.
Legal support
Web development and hosting, complete data processing, offset and digital printing, mail piece personalization, lead qualification and distribution.
Team of lawyers take under control all Copyright, Patent & Trademark issues, as well as domain name concerns, hosting, website design etc. Check and support upon signing contracts with proper and clear description of each party’s obligations.
Go to market stage
The target market as well as pricing and production strategy defined. Business model is built, detailed implementation plan is ready and adjusted.. Also settled all the necessary organization issues with government, legal and financial institutions. The project is ready for successful activity.
Legal support
With a firm understanding of our customers' business, we recommend a social media strategy as one of the main instruments for promotion. Through platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we help you accurately position the business, create awareness, grow relationships, build and nurture prospective leads.
The assessment of potential partners and their offers, contracs preparation and consultation while signing, the analysis of international & local state requirements, further follow-up.
Legal support
The most successful companies continuously refresh and energize their growth strategies to capitalize on new market opportunities and remain competitive. We improve odds of successful M&A through an integrated, battle-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, diligence and merger integration.
Development and implementation of clear legal structure of a company (or group of companies) for investors; creation the optimal structure for a transaction, using the norms of international legislation; legal support during negotiation with any possible transaction participants (investment banks, potential investors etc.)
Drawing up documents, informing the company about changes in legislation, as well as providing analytical reviews, necessary recommendations and instructions; Follow-up work
Financial Services
Bookkeeping, consultancy, accounting administration; Accounts payable processing, accounts receivable collection management, accounts payable process analysis; Tax compliance & tax reporting procedures processing.